Water Treatment Plant Operator

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The first review of application submissions will begin on or about October 20, 2017.

We are seeking a Water Treatment Plant Operator to work the afternoon shift at our Cypress Creek location in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. This position will be required to work 5 8-hour days per week.

Under general supervision, Operators perform certified and skilled work in the 24-hour operation of an interlinked, tri-county network of water treatment plant, pipeline and pumping station infrastructure.

Employees in this class will operate Tampa Bay Water facilities in compliance with Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 62-550, 62-551, 62-555, 62-560, 62-602, 62-699, USDL- 29 CFR / OSHA 1910 Subparts: [D-I, K, N-Q, S & Z], 40 CFR 141 Subpart I, NFPA (NEC), FDA BPA-2002 / Title IV; Sect. 401(a), DHS P-Dir.# 5 (NIMS) ICS, applicable SARA Title III / IV Protocols, FDEP, EPA Regulations and in conformance with other relevant Standards, for the operation of water resources, water treatment plants or pumping stations serving a Public Water Supply System.

Employees exercise independent judgment in making adjustments to machinery, operating controls, equipment and related control apparatus in accordance with established Procedural Guidelines, Recognized Best Practices and Industry Standards.

The position requires considerable knowledge of operating principles, process control technologies and treatment practices associated with water plant and pumping machines. Knowledge of environmental health hazards and Life-safety disciplines unique to both localized and distributed water treatment methods is required. Must have knowledge of and utilize onsite and remotely controlled pumping plant operating techniques.

The position requires substantial written, oral, computer communication and analytical skills. Performance is monitored through periodic conferences, reports, training and administrative review process. The Operator may perform related work/projects as directed.

Water Production Roles:

  1. Serves as a support to staff in:
    1. Researching methods for improving the Agency in support of the mission, vision and values.
    2. Developing and reviewing Agency plans and improvements that support the Agency mission, vision and values.
    3. Technical, Engineering, Systems, South, and North Section Teams.
  2. 2. Ability to work effectively in a team-based organization focused on continuous improvement; establish and maintain a positive customer service attitude and effective working relationships with internal and external customers; demonstration of strong two-way communication skills, including the ability to listen, explain, and facilitate; ability to ask for input; offer help without being asked; accept suggestions; work with others to solve problems; and provide recognition and encouragement; ability to address team members’ needs, identifying issues and concerns, exploring solutions, and implementing improvements. Seek ways to continuously improve processes.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (Responsibilities):

Operator, Trainee

  • Trains and assists in the inspection of water plant and well field, equipment and machinery to determine that all machinery is operating properly.
  • Trains and assists in the monitoring of recording charts, meters, CRT screens, pumps, plant machinery and facilities.
  • Trains and assists in the making routine adjustments to controls in conformance with operating instructions.
  • Trains and assists in the notifying the supervisor or licensed operator of any needs for non-routine adjustments and/or malfunctioning of equipment.
  • Trains and assists in the collection of samples of water at various points in the system.
  • Trains and assists in the conducting limited laboratory analysis to determine effectiveness of treatment and records results.
  • Trains and assists in the preparation of routine reports and maintains records according to established standards and procedures.
  • Trains and assists in the performing routine maintenance on vehicles, buildings and grounds. Maintains responsibility for personal work safety.
  • Continued employment contingent upon acquiring a Florida State Class “C” Certificate for water treatment plant operators within 24 months of hire.
  • Performs related work as assigned.
  • Performs pre and post assessment in support of well mitigation activities.
  • Participate in cross training program.
  • Completes work in according to guidelines provided by the Scheduler/Planner.
  • Completes work in support of meeting department/team performance indicators and measures.

Operator, Class C

  • Performs all above Operator Trainee duties.
  • Conducts daily/weekly/monthly Plant Checks and Preventative Maintenance (PM) checks to inspect and identify potential problems. Equipment includes: high service pumps/motors, wellfield equipment and machinery, chemical skid pumps and injection assemblies, analyzers and instruments, databases, HMI Panel displays, SCADA indications including Security Systems in order to verify that all machinery, systems, and mechanical components are operating properly and safely.
  • Monitors recorders, meters, CRT/LCD/LED indicating and control equipment, electronic SCADA screens, VFD/pump status, plant machinery and operational facilities by direct visual observation or while using process control workstations, in-field automation, field service kits, tablet CPU or laptop.
  • Makes routine adjustments to controls and takes corrective actions necessary for consistent water delivery in conformance with operating directives, OEM instructions, prescribed Standards and contractual requirements under State of Florida Administrative Code and according to Federal Regulations.
  • Maintains current knowledge of Florida Administrative Code and regulatory requirements regarding the provision of safe drinking water for a Public Water Supply System.
  • Notifies Operations Manager/Shift Lead of any need for non-routine adjustments or equipment malfunction and additionally notifies necessary alternate personnel in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures in emergency situations.
  • Identifies infrastructure system excursions and alarms, trains on Water Quality (WQ) and the required maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing of Analyzers & Instruments.
  • Routinely engages in technical knowledge sharing, cross-training and calibrates water analysis equipment.
  • Corrects malfunctioning system mechanics via computerized SCADA System and takes responsibility for personal safety while actively contributing to crew safety during working shift hours.
  • May compile, prepare and/or maintain daily/weekly or annual reports; to include preserving daily statistical logs/records on Plant and Wellfield Operation, Production efficiency and Water Quality for the Agency or Agency Customers.
  • May take responsible charge in the operation of water treatment facilities according to Florida Administrative Code and direct personnel, as required, to operate those facilities according to all State and Federal guidelines in the absence of a Supervisor.
  • Maintains and utilizes department vehicles and test equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • Exercises clear and open communications with support personnel including Maintenance and Electrical personnel, MIS/IT personnel, Instrumentation & Control Technicians, Senior Staff Scientists, Analyzer Technologists and NELAC Laboratory personnel.
  • Coordinates and may assist support personnel during system testing exercises, chemical spill clean-up/mitigation, failed equipment/circuit identification and resets, housekeeping/cleaning.
  • Maintain certification for the collection and analysis of bacteriological drinking water samples for total coliform and e-coli.
  • Engages in Corrective Maintenance (CM) when required, as assigned or in an emergency. Achieves a troubleshooting competency to the system software (or module) level for identifying malfunctioning equipment/analyzers.
  • Utilizes Water Quality Tables and specific SW database tools (EMMS, WQ-Database, WQ Tables: 1, 2, 3, Sidearm, TBW Desktop, to review and sustain proper product WQ.
  • Performs related work as directed.

Operator, Class B

  • Responsibilities include all “C” Class Operator duties.
  • Perform non-standard system adjustments and troubleshooting.
  • Training of Operator Trainees and “C” Class Operators.
  • Improve and acquire additional skills for WQ-Data and analyzer/instrument service-maintenance.
  • Achieves a troubleshooting competency to the Section, Module (or board) level in identifying malfunctioning equipment/analyzers.
  • Train and cross-train in support of Agency WQ requirements/guidelines.
  • Assist in development and implementation of Operations Department SOPs.
  • Interface with support groups within the Agency on non-standard developments and concerns.
  • Complete special projects as assigned by Department Manager.

Operator, Class A

  • Responsibilities include all “B” and “C” Class Operator duties.
  • Complete analyzer/instrument training for all controlling/monitoring device types utilized by the Agency for WQ-regulation.
  • Achieve a troubleshooting competency to the device board (or component) level in identifying malfunctioning equipment/analyzers.
  • Improve cross-training/knowledge sharing and service/maintenance methods used by operators for group communication and infrastructure repairs.
  • Assists with the development of Department budget items or Lead Operator projects, as assigned by Lead or Department Manager.
  • Work with Department Manager on manpower, training, scheduling and Agency Strategic Planning goals (WUPS, LRWSP, SWPP & MP, MWP & SWP, NIMS/ICS, etc…).
  • Substitute in a supervisory capacity for the Department Manager (as needed) to maintain department operations.
  • Complete special projects as assigned by Department Manager.
  • May train for an Analyzer Technician/Technologist function.

Disaster Service Worker: Employees of Tampa Bay Water are, by State and Federal law, Disaster Service Workers. In the event of a declaration of emergency, any employee may be assigned activities that promote the protection of public health and safety or the preservation of lives and property, either at the Agency or within the local or their own community.


  • High School Diploma, Vocational/Technical School Diploma or GED.


  • Maintain current State of Florida Driver’s License.
  • A current Florida Class “C”, “B”, or “A” Certification for Water Treatment Plant Operators supplemented by a minimum of one (1), three (3), or five (5) years’ experience, respectively, in the operation and maintenance of mechanical or electrical equipment with demonstrated ability to detect faulty operating characteristics in equipment or processes, as well as, interpret digital information from a computerized (SCADA) operating System; or an equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of Tampa Bay Water Operations On the Job training (OJT) program at skill level designated for Florida Drinking Water license level within timeframe indicated within OJT program.

SALARY RANGE (Minimum-Maximum):

Operator, Class Trainee: $14.40 per hour (annualized $29,961) to $23.77 per hour (annualized $49,436).
Operator, Class C: $17.84 per hour (annualized $37,117) to $29.44 per hour (annualized $61,243)
Operator, Class B: $19.86 per hour (annualized $41,312) to $32.77 per hour (annualized $68,165)
Operator, Class A: $22.11 per hour (annualized $45,981) to $36.48 per hour (annualized $75,870)

Actual pay will be commensurate with experience and certification.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The first review of application submissions will begin on or about October 20, 2017.

Tampa Bay Water is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer employment opportunities to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, marital status veteran status, disability, or any other protected class. We recognize veteran’s preference as provided by Florida Law and we are committed to a drug free workplace.